Eating can be a lifestyle, if you know how to enjoy them.

At The Food Space, we enjoy eating, we breathe food and drink and we definitely know how to enjoy them. Because we like what we do, we’ve taken strides to create food and beverage concepts that reflects the way of life and the values we want to carry in our daily lives, for fashionistas and foodies.

New foods, new ways of cooking and new ways of packaging will transform to new ways of eating.

“When people get together over food they can talk about anything”

The Food Space is a Food Division under the Sharikat Group of Companies. Our portfolio includes franchising of unique food concepts, food retail, food manufacturing, food ecommerce and also a provider of food storage and logistic facilities. The Food Space’s aim is to globalizing its business worldwide.


Chicken Teriyaki Pasta

Chocolate Souffle

French Toast

Souffle de Nuage