Deciding which franchise to buy is very difficult since there are

thousands to choose from in the market.

Here are a few tips for budding entrepreneurs;


You should choose a franchise you have interest in, or choose an

 industry in which you have passion for. You must also choose a franchise that is financially right for you and the concept must be one that you will feel proud to own.


At Miam Miam,

we are able to help you tailor your dream to own and experience the satisfaction of running your own food & beverage business, no fine prints, no hidden costs and no marketing gimmicks because we take our business seriously, we are fun-loving people too creating fun concepts.



This will be a life-changing experience, so make sure you make the right choice by making Miam Miam your absolute choice.


Miam Miam have begun its Franchising program since 2014.

There will be special rates and rebates for the first 8 interested applicants to take up the Miam Miam Franchise for the overseas territory. Currently, we have franchised our concept to Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam.


For enquiries, please call our office at (65) 62616079 or email your interest to for a discussion.